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2 Weeks in a Spanish Language School

2 Weeks

Ideally 2 weeks in a language program abroad is sufficient enough to get some of the basics of Spanish. More importantly, your exposure to culture is far more enriching, rather than spending it in a hotel; taking day trips with several tourists, as they board buses, and hurrying you up to the next location. In the 2 weeks, you will most likely be conversing in Spanish, but not fluently. In order to fully grasp the language, you need to commit a fair amount of time to get more practice. But as you immerse yourself into the community, you will have a better understanding on the structure of learning a language abroad. Live, eat, study, and do some of the activities the locals do, plus speak their lingo and you will be enhancing your Spanish skills level at a faster rate.

2 weeks is also a good way to connect with other students taking the course, connect with new friends around the world. Be invited to other locations or countries, as you bond with new friends.

Kick some of the travel bug’s itch by taking a 2 week course. Often times, many travelers feel 1 week is too short, and 2 weeks is sufficient enough. Considering most of the workforce in the US is usually only allowed 2 week’s vacation time.

If planning to partake on a 2 week Language course, consider it as a good way to brush up on your Spanish, excel to a new level, take a crash course on the basics of Spanish, or your work is paying for the trip as a means of learning a new skill.

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Going abroad to study, and I’m nervous.

Studying Abroad Can be Nerve Racking

Studying abroad is something that every person should try, as it exposes you to another culture. The whole journey from choosing a program, to un-packing; from the whole experience is something to remember about. But, if this is the first time for any potential student, the planning phases and preparation stages can be nerve racking.

Where do I want to go? Which organization should I choose? Is it a safe place to learn and study? Will I feel homesick? How do I know if this will work out for me? Many of these questions can be easily be answered by the representative of the organization. They are accustomed to coordinating and suggesting different types of programs, and they can relate to the students needs and feelings. A good organization will have past students who either; volunteers, interns, or is an employee of the company. Past students are a great mediator for connecting potential students to past experiences. Usually, only the experienced is capable of letting us know about the whole experience of going abroad. They can help portray an image of their own experiences, how it feels when you first arrive in the country, meeting the first person in that country, and it might be the airport pick up person. Or perhaps where is the best local eatery, plus the feeling of sitting down, for dinner, with a family that you have never met before. In addition, the good feeling of accomplishing another goal, or what it takes to get through an entire study abroad program.

When you cannot foresee what is in front of you, it is best to ask as much questions, and do plenty of research on your desired location and program. The more you know the better you’re off. Also, plan ahead of time, and pack according to weather, time frame, and comfort. Never be too shy with the questions, especially you are going out of your comfort zone. So, it’s o.k to be nervous, many of us have been there one time before.

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Study Spanish in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has no official military and has instead chosen to invest most of its funds in the areas of Health and Education. There is virtually no political unrest in the nation, which makes traveling considerably more comfortable.

Costa Rica has a rich diversity of elements to enjoy running the gamut of cuisine, fruits, culture, people and various other activities, particularly in the realm of ecotourism. Twenty-five percent of its lands are designated as National Parkland and therefore offer the visitor a wide assortment of choices when participating in outdoors activities.

These range from the pristine rainforests of Corcovado, to the wide beaches on both the Pacific and the Caribbean, to the high altitude cloud forests of Monteverde and the seasonally snow covered top of Chirripo (2nd highest mountain in Central America).
Costa Rica is your best choice from a wealth of pleasurable activities and a quality educational experience.

Our focus is Spanish language immersion, because we have various locations around the country each of which provide different environments for learning, it’s up to the student to decide which environment is best for them given their objectives.

Schools not only offer classes, but they also provide different activity options, depending on the package chosen, which let the student determine what’s best for them.

Costa Rica has invested much of its resources in health care infrastructure and education. The nation is a stable, tourist friendly, advanced country with a high literacy rate.

But for those seeking to improve their Spanish language skills, they will be hard pressed to find a better combination of learning opportunity, environment, pricing and sheer beauty.

Experience Costa Rica for its beauty, culture, people, and the many adventures. For example, beaches the offer great sun and surf, with the essence of tranquility. Top Notch River rafting, that offers all levels of classes, plus it has one of the top five rivers of the world, known as the Pacuare.

Endure the many challenges of hiking, mountain biking, repelling, zipline, ATV, caving, snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, and many more. If adventure is not your desire, the country also offers the many relaxing activities from; bird watching, eco tours, coffee plantation, Catamaran boat/island tours, and of course the many hot springs. If you prefer to socialize, there are many local bars, clubs, or dive spots that best fits your mood.

There are choices from: live bands, Jazz or Rock to other sorts of genre. For those footloose enthusiasts, the Latin dancing will further enhance your trip. (Salsa, Merengae, Cumbia, and many more!)

When is a good time to go?
Anytime of the year is a great time to go. Depending on your length of time is a good question.
January 1 New Year’s Day *
April 1 First Day of Passover
April 2 Good Friday
April 11 National Hero’s Day *
May 1 Labor Day *
July 25 Guanacaste Province’s Annexation Day *
August 2 Virgin of Los Angeles Day
August 15 Mother’s Day
September 15 Independence Day *
October 12 Columbus Day
December 25 Christmas Day *
(* Holidays to watch out for when choosing a program)

Come and enjoy Costa Rica.

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